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  •   31 May 2017   Posted By George F.   74 Favs   0 Comments

    Men's comfortable and fashionable glasses with strength

    When it comes to men's eyewear the priority considerations are comfort, fit and durability. Men prefer buying glasses with strength over other considerations because they last longer. There is no use buying glasses that look good on you but do not last. Style is of course a priority consideration but not over quality.

  •   1 Jun 2017   Posted By Faye A.   42 Favs   0 Comments

    Should You Hire A Fashion Consultant To Teach You To Dress For Success

    Are you totally hopeless when it comes to shopping? Do you often find yourself staring in stores at merchandise and not knowing what to choose? Do you have more bad hair days than good? Do you have trouble picking out the right shoes? Are you inept or afraid to use makeup?

    Maybe you should hire a fashion consultant. Fashion is not for everyone.

  •   20 May 2017   Posted By Dianna B.   18 Favs   0 Comments

    One Size Does Not Fit All - Keeping Up With Fashion Trends For All Sizes

    If you were to ask a hundred people if there was something they would like to change about their body almost all of them would say yes. As a matter of fact the vast majority of people would probably tell you that there are numerous things they would like to change about their body.